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June 3-6, 2021 – District Campgrounds

Pow-Wow is the largest and most significant Royal Rangers event in the district. Conducted annually on the first weekend of June, Pow-Wow brings together men and boys from all across our district for four days of games, competitions, food, and fellowship. Come join us at our next Pow-Wow as we grow together into Christlike men through the community of Royal Rangers.

Pow-Wow 2021:  “Pioneer Days”
June 3rd – 6th at the District Campgrounds.

We’re looking forward to another great year at Pow-Wow as we celebrate “Pioneer Days – Living the Frontier Life.”  Refer to the following documents for detailed information concerning Pow-Wow 2021.


  • NO MEALS will be served this year at Pow-Wow due to COVID-19 concerns.  Outposts must therefore come prepared to provide all meals in thier campsites.  Concessions will be open as usual.  (We plan to resume regualr meals next year.)
  • All adults must register individually, as a camper or staff member.  Pastoral approval is required.  See adult leader registration form or staff registration form below for details.  All boys will still be registered via a single list as before (see Registration Roster for Boys below).
  • Financial assistance is available through “Friends of Rangers” to help cover registration costs for anyone in need.  Use the online form or printed form below to request assistance.
  • We will be honoring Jerry Millhouser & his wife Brenda during the Friday night service for 33 years of service as District Director in our district.  Cards or letters of appreciation from leaders or outposts are appreciated.


  1. POW-WOW INFORMATION for LEADERS – Your primary source for Pow-Wow information, providing all the details for this event, including registration fees, activities, competition info, and more.
  2. Registration Roster for BOYS – Use this form to register all your boys on-site.
  3. Registration Form for ADULTS/LEADERS – Every adult must complete this form, bring it to Pow-Wow, and turn it in at check-in.  This applies to ALL adults, whether registered online or on-site.
  4. Registration Form for STAFF – use this form to register if you are serving any any Pow-Wow staff role and are not registered otherwise.
  5. ONLINE REGISTRATION – (CLOSED) Pre-register online by May 16th and receive a FREE Pow-Wow T-shirt for every boy, leader, and adult in your outpost!  Online registration is optional.  You can still register on-site when you arrive, but you won’t get the T-shirt.  Pre-registration requires a $10.00 advance payment per person with the balance due being paid on arrival.
  6. Medical Form – Collect this important information from every boy and leader attending and keep it with you as you travel to & from Pow-Wow, as well as while you’re there.  These forms are NOT turned in at check-in but are used as needed in the event of an emergency.
  7. Pow-Wow Schedule
  8. Campgrounds Map
  9. Friends of Rangers Scholarship Application – Use this online form to request financial assistance with registration fees for a boy.
  10. Shotgun Class Online Registration – A Shotgun Shooting & Shotgun Safety merit class will be provided on Friday, beginning at 12:30 PM for boys in grades 8-12 as well as adults.  Online pre-registration is required.  Each boy must bring a completed Parental Permission & Liability Release form to participate.
  11. BB Gun Shooting Tournament – A team BB gun shooting tournament will take place on Friday afternoon.  Use this form to register your team(s).
  12. Campsite Inspection Form – At some point after morning assembly on Saturday your campsite will be inspected by the camp staff.  This form provides details of what to be prepared for.
  13. Uniform Inspection Form – An optional uniform inspection will take place immediately following morning assembly on Saturday.  This form provides the parameters for this inspection.
  14. Overall Best Outpost Award Scoresheet – This form will be used for scoring points for the Overall Best Outpost Award.
  15. Paintball Permission Form – This form is required for any boys seeking to participate in the paintball tournament.
  16. Initiatives Handout – Provides details for the initiatives activity.

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