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June 9-12, 2022 – Camp Millhouser

Pow-Wow is the largest and most significant Royal Rangers event in the district. Conducted annually on the first weekend of June, Pow-Wow brings together men and boys from all across our district for four days of games, competitions, food, and fellowship. Come join us at our next Pow-Wow as we grow together into Christlike men through the community of Royal Rangers.

Pow-Wow 2022:  Knights – Rise Up & Do Battle!
June 9th-12th at Camp Millhouser, our District Campgrounds.

We’re looking forward to another great year at Pow-Wow.  Our theme this year will be “Knights: Rise Up & Do Battle” and will include a number of new features. Details are provided below.  Additional information will be added as plans are finalized.


  • Registration Fee = $40 per person ($5 discount if chartered in SoMo district)
  • Registration may be done ONLINE (by May 22nd) or ON-SITE.  Everyone registered online by May 22nd will receive a FREE Pow-Wow T-shirt.
  • Indoor housing is available in the gym on a limited basis at $60 per person.  Includes registration & all meals.  Pre-registration is required.
  • We will be returning to our regular meal schedule in the dining hall, with meals being provided for Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast, and Sunday breakfast.  Outposts will be responsible for providing all other meals in their campsites.
  • All adults must register individually, as a camper or staff member.  Pastoral approval is required.  Boys register via an outpost roster.  Registration forms will be available later.
  • Financial assistance is available through “Friends of Rangers” to help cover registration costs for anyone in need.


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