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A central aspect of the Royal Rangers ministry is the junior leader training process whereby boys are equipped to lead in their outposts, churches, schools, and beyond.  Junior leader training takes place both within the local outpost as well as at the district level.  Both play a vital role in leadership development in Royal Rangers.   General information concerning the types of junior leader training events available in Royal Rangers can be found on the national Royal Rangers web site at RoyalRangers.com.


The Ozark Mountain Ranger Academy (OMRA) is the junior leader training program for the Southern Missouri District Royal Rangers.  Camps being offered this year are listed below with trainee applications and other details.  If you have any questions or need additional information please contact us at rangers@somoag.org.

2021 Junior Training Camp (JTC) Application

2021 Advanced Junior Training Camp (AJTC) Application

2021 Junior Academy (JA) Application

Backpacking Action Camp & Adventure Kamp:  June 24-26 along the Buffalo National River in northern Arkansas

    • Camp info – a general overview of the camp and what to expect
    • Application – includes camp requirements, fees, and other details
    • Suggested menu – everyone is responsible for bring all their own food. This is a suggested menu.
    • suggested gear – a list everything you will need
    • Trail map – a map of where we will be hiking & camping

Shooting Sports Action Camp:  July 29-31 at Camp Millhouser

    • Application – includes camp requirements, fees, and other details


Junior Training Camp (JTC) is the first step in the district junior leader training process.  JTC provides instruction in leadership skills and the patrol system as well as instruction in basic camping skills.  Boys will also be challenged to explore their personal giftings & talents and begin to seek the plan God has for thier lives.

Advanced Junior Training Camp (AJTC) provides additional instruction on leadership & the patrol system but provides added opportunities to experience leadership in a small group setting.  Boys will also explore the process for developing Christlike character and a heart for serving others.

Junior Academy (JA) represents the culmination of the district junior leader training process and prepares boys to transition from the role of a trainee at our district camps to that of a member of the staff.  Boys attend classes and receive instruction on various leadership topics but also serve in assisting roles in classes or other activites for JTC and AJTC which are conducted at the same time.  Boys also receive instruction on color guards and special ceremonies. (This content was previouly taught at Elite Junior Training Camp (EJTC) which is no longer being offered as a separate camp.)

In order to attend Junior Academy, boys must have previously completed JTC, AJTC, and at least (1) action camp.  Graduates of Junior Academy receive a saber sword in recognition of thier completion of our district junior leader training process.

NOTE:  Adult leaders may also attend Junior Academy to become better prepared to serve on staff at district junior training events but are not considered JA trainees or graduates, do not need to meet the prerequisites required of boys, and will not receive a saber at the end of the camp. See application for details.


Action camps are junior leader training events where older boys and adult leaders receive instruction on special types of high-adventure activities. Adventure Kamps are similar to Action Kamps but are open to additional boys who do not yet qualify to attend an Action Camp.  Boys generally attend an action camp only once but may attend an adventure kamp every year if they choose.

NOTE:  Adult leaders may also attend Action Camps to become better prepared to lead their outposts on high-adventure activities but are not considered trainees or graduates of the camp. See applications for details.

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