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A variety of service awards are available to outpost leaders in recognition of their service in Royal Rangers.  These awards may be earned each year by submitting the required award application.  To receive an award, please complete the appropriate form and mail to the district Royal Rangers office by February 1st.  Please enclose $15.00 to cover the cost of the medal (for first-time recipients) or $5.00 for the year pin (for multi-year recipients).  Recognition will be given at the annual Leaders Conference.

District Executive Leadership Award (Formerly Silver Eagle, Silver Cluster)

District Leadership Award (Formerly Gold Cluster, Blue Cluster)

Pastor Award

Outpost Leadership Award (replaces Outpost Commander’s Award)

Outpost Service Award

Outpost Coordinators Award (replaces Senior Commander Award)

Jr. Leaders Service Award

Continuous Learning Electives Award


For a more complete listing of awards and requirements, please check the national website.

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