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Royal Ranger leader training is conducted through a partnership between the district and the national Royal Rangers office.  Training is available in multiple formats and settings including online, district classes, and national camps.  Full details on training programs available can be found on the national Royal Rangers website at RoyalRangers.com/training.

The Southern Missouri District provides leader training at specified times and locations across the district.  Refer to our district calendar for dates and locations.  To request information on upcoming training events in our district please contact us at [email protected].

Online training is available at any time for outpost leaders via the national web site at RoyalRangers.com/training/online.

The First Step in New Leader Training

Ranger Foundations (formerly known as Ranger Basics) is the first step in an outpost leader’s training process.  Ranger Foundations provides all the essential information a new outpost leader needs to know to get his outpost off to a great start, such as:

  • Our Mission, Methods, and Mentoring Process
  • Program Structure and Leadership
  • Our Discipleship Model for the Spirit-Empowered Church
  • Planning Weekly Meetings
  • Curriclum & Resources
  • Uniforms & Insignia
  • The Advancement System
  • Developing Leadership in Boys
  • Annual Program Planning

Ranger Foundations can be completed in either of two formats – either completely online, or through a combination of online and “in-person” district classes.

OPTION 1: Ranger Foundations Online

To complete the course entirely online, visit the Royal Rangers Online Training page, pay the required $45.00 registation fee, and complete all (15) sessions in the comfort of your own home, according to your own schedule.  You will receive a certificate at the end of session 15 representing the completion of this course.

OPTION 2: Ranger Foundations Online & In-Person

With this option, Ranger Foundations is completed in two parts.

  • Visit the Royal Rangers Online Training page, pay the required $20.00 registration fee, and complete the first (8) sessions online.  You will receive a certificate at the end of session 8 representing your completion of this process.
  • Then register for any one of our district “Part 2” Ranger Foundations classes where you will receive in-person instruction on the remaining (7) sessions.  These classes take about 3 hours to complete and typically require a $25.00 registration fee (although fees may vary in some locations).  At the end of session 15 you will receive a certificate representing the completion of the entire course.

This option also provides an opportunity to review and ask questions about the material you learned in the first 8 sessions online, as well as any other topics for which you may want some additional assistance.  In-person classes also provide opportunites to connect with other outpost leaders in your area to share ideas and become part of the community of leaders here in SoMO district.

Refer to the district calendar for dates & locations for upcoming Ranger Foundations classes, or contact us for more information.


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