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District Staff Awards:

District Executive Leader Award (Formerly Silver Eagle, Silver Cluster)

District Leadership Award (Formerly Gold Cluster, Blue Cluster)

Pastor Award


Outpost Leaders Awards:
Outpost Leadership Award (replaces Outpost Commander’s Award)

Outpost Service Award

Outpost Coordinators Award (replaces Senior Commander Award)

Jr. Leaders Service Award

Continuous Learning Electives Award


Instructions: Please complete the appropriate form and mail a copy to the Deputy District Director, Don Higinbotham at 2827 Lucy Lane / Seneca, MO 64865. Do NOT mail to the National Office. The District Director will supervise the awarding of these medals. Please enclose $15.00 to cover the cost of the medal.

If you already have the medal, please enclose $5.00 to cover the cost of the year pin. This form needs to be in the hands of the Deputy District Director by February 15 to ensure that the leader will be recognized at the District Leaders Conference in April.


Nationally Issued Awards:


Outpost Leaders Advancement Levels – Ready Safety, Trained and Advanced

Medal of Excellence (mail to National Office per Instructions in the application)

FCF Wilderness & Pathfinder Award Application (mail to National Office per Instructions in the application)



For a more complete listing of awards and requirements, please check the national website.

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