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The Southern Missouri District Gold Medal of Achievement Association (GMAA) exists to achieve the following purposes: 

  • Promote the continued involvement of GMA recipients in the Royal Rangers program
  • Encourage GMA recipients to participate in mentoring their fellow Royal Rangers and assisting in their mental, physical, spiritual, and social development
  • Encourage participation in Christian service and missions trips
  • Motivate GMA recipients to continue their own personal advancement
  • Provide opportunities for GMA recipients to participate in unique events

  The following are the requirements for membership in the GMAA:

  1. Must be a born-again Christian.
  2. Must be a GMA recipient, boy or commander.
  3. Must be actively involved in a chartered outpost in the Southern Missouri District and in good standing with it.
  4. Must strive to live by the Royal Ranger Code.
  5. Must be a good example of Christian living.

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