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Royal Ranger Adult Leader Training

The fundamental goal of training is to inspire, mobilize, and resource leaders to empower them to achieve their greatest success and effectiveness.  Royal Rangers training is based on three core values:

  • Spiritual Development.  All classroom and event-based leadership training will have a spiritual emphasis.
  • Ranger Skills Development.  Training will focus on the seven methods Royal Rangers use to minister to boys. Ranger skills are a key component of this success.
  • Leadership Development.  Leadership development will be key as Royal Rangers moves to become a boy led, adult-facilitated ministry.

It takes a leader to mentor new leaders. Training will help Royal Rangers strengthen its leadership core.

Church leadership believes that well-trained leaders are the key to any ministry’s success. Pastors understand that a trained volunteer is much more likely to commit their time and can be counted on to show up every week. For these reasons and others, the Royal Rangers program places a high priority on leader training.


Training Opportunities for Adult Leaders

Outpost Leader Advancement Levels are a streamlined training process with clear objectives and achievable goals. These combine local training offered by the district and national training events designed to equip leaders with the skills needed to be an effective leader in the local outpost. On a local level, you can attend Ranger Basics and Ranger Essentials. Ranger Safety and various other courses are available as online courses that you can take from the comfort of your web browser at the national online training site.

Organizational Leadership Training Levels challenge individuals in positions of service beyond the local level to grow spiritually, to develop well-rounded ministry competencies, and to enhance their leadership aptitudes.

National Camps & Conferences, conducted under the direction of the national Royal Rangers leadership and held at various locations around the country each year

The Rangers Ministry Academy Training Chart provides an overall visual image of the different types of training opportunities, which are either available now or are in development.

You can, of course, attend any of the national level training in any region, but here are the camps and conferences planned for the next couple of years in the Gulf Region. Links are provided for applications to upcoming events

To locate a certified instructor near you or to request a class in your area, please contact:

District Training Coordinator: Richard Michael 417-559-3249

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